The Timber Lane PTA Vision is a positive environment for our school community that promotes creativity, well being, and a love of learning, all while celebrating our diversity.

The Timber Lane Parent Teachers Association is a non-profit organization set up to benefit all of the families and school staff at Timber Lane Elementary School. It is a member of the National PTA Organization ( This benefits us by providing ideas on the structure of the PTA, educational opportunities for our board and general members in running a PTA, gives our members benefits from selected sponsors (for example: reduced travel & insurance), and provides resources and an advocate voice for our community.


What the PTA Does:

The PTA supports and supplements the excellent education provided by TLES. Additionally, we host events that bring the TLES together as a community.

  • Pays for students’ field trips to enrich their learning experience.
  • Offers after-school programs and activities.
  • Brings the Timber Lane community together through events such as International Night, Bingo Night, Book Fairs, author visits, Year-end Picnic, and other special events.
  • Provides funding for special purchases for the school, such as: PA system, new books for the book room, a floor covering for the gym, classroom supplies, and more.
  • Celebrates and thanks our teachers and support staff through Teacher Appreciation Week and our Room Parent Program.



  • If I join the PTA, do I have to volunteer my time?


    Volunteering is not required! You can join and pay dues simply to support our activities. Volunteering isn't required to be a part of the PTA. And if you want to volunteer, but aren't a dues-paying PTA member, that's okay too! 

  • If I join the PTA, do I have to go to PTA meetings?


    Meetings are 100% optional! We love when parents join us at PTA meetings. It's a great way to learn about what's happening at school, hear from teachers and other guest speakers, learn about volunteer opportunities, and to ask any questions. However, you are not required to go to meetings, even if you join the PTA.